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Website Automations, Why Automations Are More Important than Ever

Automating websites have become a crucial tool in marketing success. Competition in businesses is now way too high to make a footprint and drive customer traffic. Because of this huge amount of competition, constant follow-up, innovative marketing plan, and ability to tweak with any opportunity that can be found along the way, and turning it into an advantage is necessary. Fortunately, there's a remedy that many organizations are using every day: automated websites. For a second, imagine being able to do the following things:

  • Capturing new leads.

  • Being able to establish strong relationships with customers with sequential communication.

  • Being able to identify your target clients and audiences.

Nowadays, automations are not limited to luxury rather, it is necessary to survive in the market and grow.

How exactly can it contribute to your growth?

Firstly, as a business, you must be doing one or more of the following things that make your business online functional:

  1. SEO and keywords analysis

  2. E-commerce integration

  3. Content creation and development

  4. Landing pages and promotions

  5. Lead management

  6. Email marketing

  7. Content management

Managing and maintaining all these things with discrete tools can get cumbersome, and more importantly, it takes your focus away from the parts of the business that need more attention. Having a Sales CRM (Customer Relations Management) can be a blessing to automate all these hectic tasks. Now you have an idea why exactly it is necessary to use website automation. Let’s dig into some more benefits.

In terms of marketing, email has the highest return on investment (ROI). Your email can bring jackpots for you. It is of critical importance to all your marketing and your most precious asset. To generate leads via emails, it's essential that you make catchy offers. It should not be limited to making a subscribe button on email only. With pre-programmed auto responders, you can offer digitally downloaded educational material to your website visitors who share their names and email addresses with you. When you have got the data that you intended in the first place, do not miss out on the opportunity to send your potential clients a well-crafted email.

Then comes your efforts in marketing. Most businesses fall short in this area. Here are some questions you need to take under consideration:

  • How many visitors come to your website every month?

  • When you send emails, how many people actually click through to your website?

If you are able to find out the answers of those questions then it will become easier for you to analyze all the efforts that you have been putting so far in order for your business to grow. Sometimes in business, it is the number that speaks volumes. With that in mind, you might want to consider quantity over quality and shift your focus to other areas that need more of your personal touch.

Now comes the part where you passively turn your leads into customers. To facilitate that, you will always want to provide the right customers with the right kind of content. In order for your subscriber base to grow, give them TOFU (top-of-the-funnel) articles that will help them with self-education and clear out any confusion they have in their mind.

After that comes forming long-term relationships. The more engaging your content is, the better outcome it will bring. This process of engaging your MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel) leads is called lead nurturing. It is essential because it will guide your leads in the right direction, and they will know right away that you are the right kind of business person to deal with who can solve their problems. You need to satisfy prospects on an individual level, which might seem easy enough until the volume of your database increases from 50 to 5,000. The main purpose of an automated website is to initiate and maintain an outstanding relationship with your customers. You do this by sending them materials that are going to work beyond the areas of problems that you solved for them. Ebooks can be a great asset in this case.

However, the benefits are not limited to the things above only. An automated website identifies the unique needs of potential clients and optimizes content and material for each viewer. The automation helps to help nurture contacts more efficiently and effectively. It is responsive (mobile friendly), fully integrated with every marketing medium, and adaptive to the changing needs of leads and customers. It consists of email, workflows, lists and social tools that work with an extensive database of contacts to nurture them down the funnel. Automation always helps whether you agree or not, and it can instantly turn a regular customer into a delighted customer.

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