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5 Simple Ideas to Improve your Mobile Site

5 ideas to improve your mobile site.

Recent studies show that typical clients spend more than three hours in a single day using their smart devices, and 87% of smartphone owners say that they use a search engine on their smartphone at least once a day. Based on that, Google has decided to decrease organic traffic to sites that are not mobile-friendly.

With that in mind, here are five important mobile-friendly features that can drastically change the experience of your users on your mobile site.

1. Position your CTA (Call to Action) meticulously

When it comes to mobile devices, using your CTA can get a bit tricky as the space is limited and almost every time you will want to make the best use out of that limited space. Now what exactly is CTA? CTA simply helps your user understand what actions you want them to take and it comes in many forms like hyperlinks, buttons, and many more. Some websites use sticky navigation for call to action which is a good practice to provide users with uninterrupted scrolling. Make sure your site visitors can intuitively find your CTA buttons/links after each section.

2. KIS- Keep it Simple

To support devices smaller in size, keep the navigation process simple and easy. And having in mind the compact space of smart devices, it must be simplified and always visible. You should be careful about font size and the type of fonts you choose while creating your website. Besides, buttons are of great concern since they can result in misclicks. So place them meticulously to avoid misclicks and make them large enough to be noticeable. Another important factor is to make your mobile website navigation vertical so that it is easy to scroll through.

3. Provide concise and usable forms

Forms are the key conversion material of every website that provides services or offers businesses. They should be very concise and feature only the required information to decrease the time spent by the clients for filling it out. If a website requires more information, make sure that the forms are combined in small logical groups and clearly indicate how many steps your visitors have to take to complete the form. Forms should be large enough so that users can easily navigate through them.

4. Try adding click-to-call functionality

If you are someone who is providing e-commerce or B2B services, it is important to provide your customers with quick click-to-call functionality. This functionality allows your customers to call you with one click, and it can reduce pressure on forms.

5. Make your mobile site responsive

Your website visitors can come from multiple platforms with different gadgets and devices, moreover, it is likely that the same visitor is trying to access your website from different smart devices. The last thing you want is not being able to provide your visitors with the same consistent layout. Modern technologies almost every time guarantee that your website has the same consistent layout across several devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices. So, do not miss out on those.

To learn more about optimising your mobile site, you can book a consultation with one of our experts or leave us a question below:

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